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A journey involves transporting customers along a particular route, according to a particular timetable connection, by a particular means of transport, at a particular time, in a particular direction.

Technical description

Journeys can be used as input for the plan, the forecast and actual data. The details about them come at different depths, depending for which use the data has been collated. In the context of Open Data, we mainly talk about a journey description relating to customer information.

Key concepts

  • Timetable: The quantity of all planned journeys
  • Journey ID: A reference for a journey.
  • Direction: According to VDV 431, the directions are outward (H) and return (R)

Dealing with specific special cases

  • Cancellation: A journey can be cancelled. It can also be partially cancelled. Cancellations can be planned or are only required during the journey.
  • Arrangement: Apart from planned journeys, a supplementary journey can also be arranged.

Technical aspects

Journeys are one of the core concepts in public transport. There are numerous technical implementations.

Journeys can be found in: