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Road traffic

The open data platform for mobility in Switzerland contains data on individual mobility, which will be gradually expanded. With this data, FEDRO wishes to promote the exchange and provision of traffic data between the confederation, cantons and private organizations. The platform offers the following real-time data:

  • Automatic counting stations
  • Traffic lights

Users wishing to develop applications and services on the basis of real-time traffic data thus have access to more data without having to overcome financial obstacles.

We are also working on improving the information associated with these unfiltered data, to enable its use. Important additional information can be found in the cookbook we have made available, which details a large number of points on the origin and classes of data implemented.

However, the measures set out in the report “Data provision and exchange for automated driving in road traffic” call for “conditional free access to data”. By default, all users can register for access limited to 6 months (260,000 per 6 months, corresponding to the real-time data update interval of 1x per minute). Once the period has elapsed, two options are available to maintain access to the data:

Setting up a data exchange

To encourage a collaborative approach, users can make their own data available on the platform. Data providers are granted partner status and unlimited access to the data.

Extended access

Users who are unable to supply and publish traffic data on the platform may extend their access by providing written justification for their use of the data.

In both cases, the user should contact FEDRO at