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The following examples show what can result from the opening of the customer information data of ÖV Schweiz.

We are always interested in what is done with our data. Contact us, then we can show your examples here.

Github-Repository openTdataCH

Fachstelle Open Data

The department itself makes small code fragments and tools gradually available on Github.


EBP Schweiz

A Chatbot for the Swiss Public Transport.

Swiss Transit App

Vasile Coțovanu

All trains, trams, buses, boats and cablecars in your pocket.


Timetable search based on GTFS real-time data.

Viadi App


The fast timetable app.


The quickest timetable.

Viadi Routing Service


Query public transport connections throughout Switzerland using the web-based REST API.

Time for Coffee

Time for Coffee Team

Relax and don’t wait at the station for the next bus, tram, boat or cable car.

Andreas Gutweniger

The website shows how punctuality is and where there may be delays from time to time.



Rome2rio is a comprehensive global travel planner with over 10 million monthly visitors.


For the “Welcomescreen” of our agency house we have aggregated data from various sources and make them available to our visitors on a screen in the entrance hall.


Felice Serena

Your personal Swiss departure indicator

Persönlicher Abfahrtsanzeiger aus Fallblattmodulen

Benjamin Ernst

The developer has built his own personal departure indicator from discarded SBB case sheet modules and placed it on his balcony.

Eigener Ankunftsanzeiger


Own arrival indicator, which facilitates the loading / unloading of trains.


Michael Frenzel

The application “Berliner Linien” is an experimental website. It shows public transport line networks generated from GTFS files, which offer the user a high degree of interactivity.



Transit Visualization Client

Swiss Railways Network

Vasile Coțovanu

This map is an animation based on the official timetables of the Swiss Federal Railways(SBB) network.


schucan management

FAIRTIQ is a mobile ticketing application for public transport and works according to the CIACO principle (Check In – Assisted Check Out).

Ankunftsmonitoring Bahnhof Bern

Benedikt Hitz

The visualization of arrival data consists of two parts: On the left or above the xy diagram with the arriving trains, which drive along the x-axis into the station. If a delay is predicted, it is indicated by an ascent on the y-axis.

Verspätungen an den grössten Bahnhöfen

Patrick Roten and Mathias Zuber

The different graphs show the corresponding distributions. In combination with filter functions, insights from the visualization can be gained.

SBB Verspätungsvisualisierung

David Bösiger and Dominik Briner

Want to know how many trains arrive late at your train station? Simply search the name of your train station in the search bar. A type-ahead function helps you to find the train station your looking for faster.

Visualisierung auf OpenStreetMap

Lino Hess und Mario Hess

Echtzeit Abfahrtsanzeiger auf dem Kartenviewer des Bundes


On the map viewer of the federal the real-time departure displays for the geodataset stops were implemented.


Lukas Gasser

A different timetable. The app is based on “Augmented Reality” and currently only runs on iPhones 6S/SE and newer as well as iPad Pro and iPad from 2017.

Stations 4

André Horstmann

Change of timetable, snow, delays? Live departures in public transport in Switzerland with the new station app.

Pendlerland Schweiz


This is where GA and Half-Fare travelcard sell best.

Kartenviewer des Bundes


Swisstopo has implemented real-time departure displays for the geodataset stops on the federal map viewer.


Netcetera AG

With Wemlin and the timetables of OSTWIND, BLT, Liechtenstein, TPF and ZVV mobile you reach your destination quickly.

Home by two

Home by two

Plan your outings down to the minute based on past performance on Strava. During the activity, Home by Two will tell you wether you are on schedule and estimates the time of return accordingly. If you change your plans, you can easily find the best connection back home.