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Service (VDV 431)

A service is the element which contains the details about the transport company and the journey.

As part of the ContinuousServiceStructure, a service has the following structure:

Name Mandat? Description Example
 OperatingDay  Yes  Journey day of operation  2016-04-02
 VehicleRef  No  Vehicle ID

Is not used

 JourneyRef Yes  Journey ID odp:01012::H:j16:30441
 LineRef Yes  Line ID  odp:01012H
 DirectionRef Yes  Direction ID

  • outwards
  • return
 Mode Yes  The form of transport contains thePTMode    <Mode>









 PublishedLineName Yes  Line number or name, as known publicly    <PublishedLineName>





OperatorRef No Operator ID.

Is based on the business organisation number or transport company code and can be identified from the dataset Business organisations.

RouteDescription No Description of the route RouteDescription is not used in this implementation.
Via No, multiple Important stops on the route

Is not used

OriginStopPointRef No  Journey starting point (Didok code) 850010
OriginText No  Text description of the starting point. Language is always DE. <OriginText>

<Text>Basel SBB</Text>




DestinationStopPointRef No  Similar to starting point for destination.  850010
DestinationText No  Similar to OriginText  Similar to OriginText