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Incident Management Public Transport Switzerland (SIRI-SX / VDV736)


  • The service makes available all incident information from transport authorities in Switzerland that is connected to the zentral DDS SKI data hub.
  • The ODP retrieves an updated data set from the DDS SKI data hub every 30 seconds and makes it available via the API.
  • The service provides an XML containing all messages (equivalent to Initialload). This can be called via a simple Get-Request (empty – without further parameters).


  • 10 Get requests per user per minute.

List of Business Organisations with Event Information

Geschäftsorganisationen mit Ereignisinformationen – Daten | Open-Data-Plattform Mobilität Schweiz (

Access to the service

Reference API Key

A token is required to access the API. To generate and obtain a token, registration on the Open data platform mobility Switzerland is required.

After successful registration, the “API Keys” tab must be selected. There, in the “Developer Dashboard” under “My Keys”, the corresponding key for the platform can be obtained.

The key will be sent to the e-mail address provided during registration.

Endpoint of the service

API Link
Siri SX



Example of using the service

iFrame on web page

Service description

siri-sx-situation-monitor/ at main · openTdataCH/siri-sx-situation-monitor · GitHub

Configuration of the iFrame




Description of the service


Information on the standards can be found on the website in the “Situation exchange data” section.


Schema ServiceDelivery (current status) – 11/2022

The following applies to the event information available in the central data hub DDS SKI:

  • PtSituation/Affects (optional) -> Can be delivered. Use is not recommended at present.
  • PtSitutaion/Consequences/Affects (optional) -> Can be delivered. Use is not recommended at present.
  • PtSitutation/PublishingAction (muss) -> Normalised part of the PtSituationElment. This part is evaluated by the iFrame listed above, for example.