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What kind of message will I get if the quota of my API key has been exceeded?

A status 429 is returned.

The service’s answer is then:

   "error":"Rate Limit exceeded"

Are there any differences in the quality of the delivered API values? Are the origin of the data, method of calculation and latencies the same everywhere?

All request types have the same data source. Therefore, none of the request types is to be preferred. Please select the request that best suits your application.

Why are queries only allowed for direct journeys?

Until now, the connection logic was provided by However, this service was discontinued on 31.07.2018.

In order to continue to ensure access, which a large and growing number of innovative projects require, now provides its own backend, which, thanks to the new real-time data from, can also provide up-to-the-minute timetable queries and route calculations.

As a result, users change as little as possible in absolute terms, the interface is largely identical, but proprietary SBB data such as the capacity utilisation indicator are no longer included in the data.

The new implementation can now be tested at, the conversion to the new solution took place on July 31, 2017.

The service is offered by and as a “best-effort” service, without guarantees for the availability or quality of the data and calculations. Depending on the application, the Viadi API is also available:

I get an illogical or incorrect result from an API.

Actually, such cases are very easy to understand if you have the necessary information. Please use the contact form to send us the following information:
time of request GTFSR
Answer GTFSR
Inquiry timing VDV 431
Inquiry VDV 431
Answer VDV 431
VV 454 OFF Message

How do I get an account so I can request a key for the real-time API?

The open data platform öV Schweiz offers various APIs.

An API key is required to access this API. This token can be obtained through the Developer Portal. To do this, please register on the open data platform öV Schweiz.

The token must be sent in the HTTP header as “Authorization” for each request. Use is subject to certain limits.

The Developer Portal allows:
Creation of API keys
Deleting API keys
Monitor how much of the quota is consumed by the key.

No more real time data is delivered!

Any failures would be logged at

What are the different limits for the data access for the different interfaces?

Further information can be found here:

The limits refer to the following APIs:

Stop request
Trip Request
Trip Info Request

It is true that the GTFS reeuqests are limited to 2 / min. It is not necessary to send further requests, as the data is not updated more frequently.