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  • Electric vehicle charging stations in real time

    APIs shows the availability of charging stations for electric vehicles in real time. With the interactive application, the operators of cha...

    • API (JSON)
  • Trip forecast


    Both API allows the user to retrieve real-time data about a specific trip. There are two Services: * The API “TripRequest” function can retrieve real-time information about a ...

    • API (TRIAS)
  • Traffic counters (road traffic) - real time

    APIs, Road traffic

    Real-time data from traffic counters along major Swiss roads. Traffic counters are located along important road segments to measure all traffic movements per direction and ti...

    • API
  • Open Journey Planner 2020


    OJP is the API's Route Planner. The API can be used to plan trips, track journeys, and build departure and arrival indicators. OJP works from coordinate to coordinate, address t...

    • API (CEN OJP 1.0)
  • Incident Information Public Transportation Switzerland (SIRI-SX / VDV 736)


    This service makes available all incident information of the transportation companies in Switzerland that are connected to the central data hub (DDS SKI). The continuously updat...

    • API (SIRI-SX)
  • GTFS Realtime


    GTFS Realtime (GTFS-RT) is an extension to GTFS Static (GTFS). The "Trip Updates" feed is offered for transport companies that provide real-time data. Always use the GTFS and...

    • API (GTFS-RT)
  • Departure/arrival display


    The departure/arrival display’s API allows you to search for the departures/arrivals from/to a stop at a specific time. Real-time information is given where applicable.

    • API (TRIAS)
  • Beta: Price information via OJPFare for public transport in Switzerland


    We provide initial price information for public transport in Switzerland using the OJP fare service. The current approach is experimental and based on integration data. OJPFa...

    • API (CEN OJP 1.0)
  • Locations and availability of shared mobility services in real time


    Shared mobility is the shared use of means of transport such as cars, taxis, bikes, scooters, etc. These are then no longer considered private property, but shared property that...