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Business office SKI

Working on behalf of the Swiss Federal Office of Transport (FOT), the Customer Information System Tasks (SKI) business office publishes data on all public transport in Switzerland

46 datasets

  • Park & Rail


    The data feed consists of a file of around 300 kbytes in size, which is retrieved daily from an SBB database. The data feed contains the data from around 500 SBB car parks, wit...

  • DiDok


    DiDok stands for “Dienststellendokumentation” (location documentation). The data are an extract from all of the operating points in Switzerland (including stops) and elements of...

    • XLSX
  • Actual data

    Actual data

    The actual service provided is displayed. The final forecast is used where no actual data are available. The "quality" is shown in the appropriate Status fields. Actual data A...

    • CSV
  • Inventory DDA


    Within the framework of the Disability Discrimination Act (BehiG), the licensed public transport companies in Switzerland are obliged to collect data on the accessibility of pub...

  • BAV_Liste


    The list of station and stop names is published in connection with the timetable design. This is done on behalf of the Federal Office of Transport (FOT). The data is exported da...

  • Business organisations

    Business organisations

    The business organisations display transport companies organised structurally by billing-related and customer-information-related features.

    • XLSX
  • Timetable 2022 (HRDF) Format 5.4

    Timetables HRDF

    The timetable contains the essential topological and temporal elements that enable timetable display and information. The timetable is provided in the HAFAS raw data format (HRDF).

  • Timetable 2022 (GTFS)

    Timetables GTFS

    The timetable contains the basic topological and temporal elements, which allow a timetable display and information. The timetable is provided using the General Transit Feed Spe...

  • Attributes event information


    The list of attributes for the event information refers to the product 10 Communication in case of event of the regulation 580 - FIScommun (unfortunately only available in Frenc...

  • Locations and availability of shared mobility services in real time


    Shared mobility is the shared use of means of transport such as cars, taxis, bikes, scooters, etc. These are then no longer considered private property, but shared property that...

  • Electric vehicle charging stations in real time

    APIs shows the availability of charging stations for electric vehicles in real time. With the interactive application, the operators of cha...

  • Traffic counters (road traffic)

    Traffic data

    Master data of traffic counters along major Swiss roads. Traffic counters can be found along important road segments in order to measure all traffic movements by direction an...

    • DATEX II
  • Timetable Draft (GTFS) from 2021

    Timetable draft

    This timetable is still in planning. The data can change until the final publication.

  • GTFS Realtime


    GTFS Realtime is an expansion to GTFS static. It offers the “Trip Updates” feed for transport companies supplying real-time information. Always use the GTFS and the GTFS-R...

  • Passengers boarding and alighting


    Passengers boarding and alighting at stations and stops

  • Timetable Draft 54 (HRDF) from 2021

    Timetable draft

    This timetable is still in planning. The data can change until the final publication.

  • Lists of transport modes and hints


    The lists of transport modes and hints refer to Product 06 - Harmonisation of transport modes in Regulation 580 – FIScommun (unfortunately only available in French and German). ...

  • Trip forecast


    Both API allows the user to retrieve real-time data about a specific trip. There are two Services: * The API “TripRequest” function can retrieve real-time information about a ...

  • Number of annual group subscription per postcode


    The dataset contains the sold annual subscriptions of a network, which were valid at the end of the year, divided into the postal code of the bill recipient. The dataset only co...

  • Number of trains on the sections of the railway network


    This data set includes the line sections that belong to the networks of the following infrastructure managers: - BLS Netz AG (BLS) - DB Netz AG (DB) - Hafenbahnen Schweiz AG ...