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Documentation of services for Swiss Public Transport – DiDok

DiDok is the master system for the administration of all public transport services in Switzerland (in special stops) and is therefore a basis for the timetable publication. The system is operated on behalf of the Federal Office of Transport (FOT) as part of the system leadership in customer information. DiDok is responsible for the central data management of the services, business organisations and other related data types. It defines the services in a technically equivalent and unambiguous manner and regulates the allocation of numbers and names in accordance with the FOT regulations and customer requirements.

SystemOwner is SBB Infrastructure. Customers are all licensed transport companies in Switzerland, the Association of Public Transport (vöv) and the Federal Office of Transport. In the spirit of OpenData, the data in DiDok is open to all interested parties.

Further information:

The following data records are published daily by DiDok on the Open Data Platform Swiss Public Transport:


Filename Description
Dienststellen_actualdate.csv All services,  data valid today.
Dienststellen_future_timetable.csv All services,  data valid for the upcoming timetable change.
Dienststellen_full.csv All services, including versioning.

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Elements of traffic points (Boarding point / Boarding area)

Filename Description
Dienststellen_actualdate.csv All Elements of traffic points,  data valid today.
Dienststellen_full.csv All Elements of traffic points, including versioning.

To the detailed description of the published data.

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