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The timetable includes all the information making it possible for anyone to find their way around Switzerland on public transport. On the one hand, the timetable contains all the basic information (stops, lines, topology etc.) and, on the other, all the time-related information (calendar, journey and stop times etc.), which means that any form of timetable information (for a stop, as well as for a route finder/journey planner) can be created using this data. The timetable information (HRDF and GTFS) provided is optimised for use as customer information (the upstream basic timetable is much more complex even and is used as a basis for carrying out internal sector processes, such as operations, HR and vehicle deployment planning etc.).


Technical description

A timetable is created by every transport company. This timetable is used as a basis for other uses. One of them is publication for customers. This timetable is published in different formats and for different timeframes on

The dataset can be accessed via: Dataset

Key concepts

  • Journey: A single journey in a timetable
  • Journey ID: A reference for a journey.
  • Direction: According to VDV 431, the directions are outward (H) and return (R).

Annual timetable / Standard timetable / Basic timetable

This timetable is used for long-term planning. It is also the timetable on which the official timetable is based. A first version is probably available from September for the following year on the Open Data Platform.

Updates may be made to it. They are not scheduled at specific times.

The platform has the annual timetable for the whole of public transport in Switzerland.

Periodic timetable

The periodic timetable is created weekly and produced on the platform. It contains the entire timetable for public transport in Switzerland along with any scheduled deviations (e.g. due to construction work). More than one version a week may be supplied.

Technical aspects

The platform offers three forms of timetables:

  • HRDF timetable: annual timetable
  • HRDF timetable: Periodic timetable (identical format to annual timetable)
  • GTFS timetable: Periodic timetable in GTFS format

The technical basis is described on the relevant pages.

The platform provides an overview dataset offering an overview of the individual timetables and timetable years available:

The overview indicates the available timetables, provides permanent links and supplies information about the start and end of the relevant timetable year. The status field contains:

  • A (Annual): Annual timetable
  • P (Periodic): Periodic timetable
  • D (Draft): Draft timetable

More detailed information