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Business Organisations

Generally speaking, the transport companies are business organisations. However, there are also transport companies which comprise several business organisations.

(Business organisations)

Technical description

On the one hand, business organisations are used to allocate grants or transport proceeds and, on the other, to publish timetables (other uses are also possible, if required). Codes and abbreviations are managed in DiDok. Changes are published on a weekly basis via an Excel table.

The dataset can be accessed via:

Technical aspects

The data is presented in an Excel file with one sheet.

The table features the following:

Field name Description Example
Land_Code To be able to differentiate from which country the code was allocated, the UIC country code is used in this case. The code for Switzerland is 85. Even if 85 implies a business organisation belongs to Switzerland, it cannot be assumed that this business organisation operates in Switzerland.

Land_Code is mainly used in combination with GO-Nr and is separated by a colon, e.g. 85:11 for SBB.

GO-Nr This number features again in other datasets. 53
GO-Abk Abbreviation for the business organisation  TPF
GO-Bezeichnung Name of the relevant business organisation  Transports publics fribourgeois
Typ Business organisations are still classified by type. In this case, the type ID is used  10
GO-Typ-Bezeichnung Name of business organisation type. The following types are currently available, but no further details are specified:

  • 10: Rail
  • 11: UIC rail
  • 12: Rail, without traffic accounting
  • 20: Boat
  • 22: Boat, without traffic accounting
  • 30: Strasse
  • 32: Street, without traffic accounting
  • 45: Air
  • 50: Leisure offer
  • 51: Fare network
  • 52: Trade fair
  • 60: Travel agent organisation
  • 80: Subsidiary (rail)
  • 95: internal settlement purposes
  • 99: unknown

The differentiation between transport companies and/or transport undertakings is fluid. This means that business organisations can also be used in the fields designating transport companies.

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