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Station list

The station list contains the stops in Switzerland.

(Station list)

Technical description

The station list is used as the basis for requests submitted to the departure/arrival display. This involves extracting data from the timetable data (HRDF). There is no difference with the station list contained in the HRDF.

The dataset can be accessed via:

Technical aspects

The data comprises two files in CSV format:

  1. “Station list”: Contains all the stations, which actually means all the stops with their ID and name
  2. “Station geographic”: Contains the coordinates in WGS84, including optional height details. The name appears in a comment field and is therefore also identified accordingly.

What is the meaning of the special characters in the names in “Station list”

Geneva is used as an example:

The “<>” correspond to the type:

  • 1: Name (max. 30 characters)
  • 2: Long name (max. 50 characters)
  • 3: Abbreviation
  • 4: SynonymThe example states:

“$” is used as a delimiter.

Name: “Genève-Aéroport”

  • Abbreviation: “GEAP”
  • Synonym: “Geneva Airport”, ” Genf Flughafen” and “Ginevra Aeroporto”