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Communication thresholds for delay forecasts


The forecast data (including their quality) are exchanged and passed on exactly as they are entered into the data hub.

The threshold value for delays is differentiated between “railroad” and “tram / bus”:
• Railway: 3 minutes
• Tram / bus: 1 minute

The threshold value is higher for the “railroad” because the travel time between two stops typically takes longer. In addition, the cycle density is less high.

The highest priority for the customer is the logical and consistent presentation of delay forecasts for each channel. In certain cases, the display of delay forecasts from as little as 1 minute takes precedence over other criteria (e.g. data quality). Depending on the situation, it is possible that threshold values ​​differ from one another according to media / channels, type of information (acoustic / visual or area of ​​application) and data quality.

It is recommended to round the minutes according to the following criteria in the case of late announcements:

In the case of departure times, delays should be rounded off in favor of the safety of the passenger.
In the case of arrival times, delays tend to be rounded up. It is recommended that delays of up to 20 minutes be displayed in minute intervals, if possible.

Source and further information: Industry standard FIS Commun (real-time information)