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Release Notes (27.01.2017)

Release Notes

These release notes contain valuable information on the latest features and improvements in this release of the Open Data Platform Swiss Public Transport. The new version is online since today 10 AM.


The main new features are:

First version of track information

Subscribing service to datasets

User self-administration

API-Explorer: https://opentransportdata.swiss/explorer/


Red bar on homepage in case of disruptions Mobile view enhancements Various cookbook updates Language adjustments  Discourse also available in Cookbook

Didok File column country_code added HRDF Adaptations: The file UMSTEIGZ is supplied twice:

  • Once without traffic number (as before)
  • Once with traffic tag number (new file)

More information about HRDF is attached and here available: https://opentransportdata.swiss/en/cookbook/hafas-rohdaten-format-hrdf/


X axis in the developer dashboard shows the data in the correct order Fixed UTF-8 problems with data explorer „Last updated“ for datasets now corresponds to the truth

Known issues and problems

Within this release there are these known issues within the product that will be resolved in a future release:

The real-time data, which are delivered via VDV interfaces, are not output yet in seconds

The handling of the track data will be optimized

Some detail optimization in the data will be done

Coming soon (Q1)


Federation Opendata.swiss

Second version of track information